4 Ways to Buy BTC in Pakistan via Bank Transfer

Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, people all around the globe can be seen investing their money in bitcoin because of the minimum chance of loss. But unfortunately, Pakistanis are bound to their authorities who haven’t legalized bitcoin in Pakistan. Now the only yet very effective way for buying bitcoin is p2p that is not reliable but convenient as well. All the famous websites that are being used for the trading of bitcoin are providing p2p trading with several payment options. p2p (peer to peer) trading is a term being used in such platforms where two parties can directly interact with each other for the sake of trading.

The article you are reading can be very helpful if you are living in Pakistan and want to buy bitcoin via Bank transfer because we will be providing you every single detail that can assist you during the whole process of buying bitcoin.

As an initial step, you must have your bank account in your hand. Luckily all the banks in Pakistan have their online application that can be easily found on google play store and apple store so make sure that you have your online banking is also activated on your device.


how to buy or sell btc in pakistan using paxful and using bank transfer

Paxful is a reliable exchange that has users all across the world. The reason to prefer Paxful is their user-friendly website that is super easy to operate and the constant availability of sellers from all across the world. Below are the steps that will lead you towards offers that will be just according to your demands/budget.

  • The foremost step is to have a verified Paxful account. Once you have your Paxful account you may easily look for a good deal.
  • On the main page click on the buy button at the top left then a column will appear on the same side of the page. Fill the bars with the required information and select bank transfer in the bar asking for payment method. After filling the bars click on find offers.
  • Another page will be opened before you containing many offers with the bank transfer payment method. Take a look at the given offers and then click on the buy button before any offer that you want to avail.
  • Avail of the live chat option and talk to the seller before making payment. If you are satisfied with the offer and seller both then make the due payment and the seller will release bitcoins in your wallet.

Binance P2P

how to buy btc in pakistan on binance using bank transfer
Note: The rates mentioned in the image are not up to dated. Please visit the official website for updated rates.

Binance is a global exchange that is already being used by a large number of people all over the world. We are recommending this platform to you because it is easy to operate with several payment methods and we assure you that you won’t regret trading with Binance. Below is the step to help you buying bitcoin from Binance p2p.

  • Register yourself with binance for free and verify your account. When you are done with the process of registration and verification then take the next step that is approaching the sellers through p2p trading.
  • Go to your wallet>funding>buy/sell.  Another page will be shown to you where you will select the type of your crypto and fill in some other basic details including the payment method that will be Bank transfer for us.
  • Binance will show you a list of sellers who want to sell their bitcoin, pick any offer and then click on buy BTC mentioned before that offer.
  • Contact the seller and make sure of his availability. You can ask him some questions as well to confirm that the offer you want to purchase is not a scam. Once you are done with all the formalities; send the payment to the seller, so you can have your bitcoins in your wallet.


Note: The rates mentioned in the image are not up to dated. Please visit the official website for updated rates.

Just like many other crypto exchanges, OKEX is also one, providing its services worldwide. This is a good platform for those who are beginners in the market of bitcoin. Their p2p trading is a safe tool if used wisely. You can find the step-by-step guide to buy bitcoin from OKEX p2p below.

  • If you want to buy bitcoins from OKEX then having a verified account is a must thing otherwise you won’t be able to enter their website so make sure to register yourself with OKEX first.
  • Considering that you have a verified OKEX account we will lead to towards buying bitcoin from OKEX. Go to the main page and then click on the buy/sell button at the top left of the main page and then click on the p2p trade written below that buy/sell option.
  • A new page will be emerged on your screen, at the top of that page there will be several bars asking for basic details that you need to fill. In the bar asking for payment method select bank transfer from the given choices.
  • After filling in all the details OKEX will start showing you the list of offers. Have a look at the offers and click on buy BTC before your desired offer. See the other details and try to communicate with the seller. If things remain well make the mentioned payment via your bank account and get your bitcoin in your wallet.

Local Bitcoins

Local bitcoin is considered the most useful exchange for the trading of bitcoin because it only focuses on one type of crypto that is bitcoin. Minimum scam rate and ease of access to the traders make it a preference for p2p bitcoin trading as well. In below, find the guide to buying bitcoins from local bitcoins.

  • At first, register yourself with local bitcoins and verify your account. Once your account is verified you can start looking for sellers.
  • After having an account, come to the main page and click on buy bitcoin at the top left of that page. Then you will see a box asking for several things to find you an offer, you will fill all the bars accordingly. The last bar will be asking for a payment method where you will select national bank transfer from the list of other payment options. Ensuring that you have filled all the bars click on the search button.
  • Local bitcoins will show you a list of sellers who are interested to sell their bitcoins. Look at all the offers and then click on the buy button before your desired one.
  • A new page will be opened with all the details about the specific offer you selected. Read the terms given by the seller or contact him directly by using the chatbox. If things work well with the seller, make the payment and have your bitcoins in your wallet.
Note: We don’t recommend storing your cryptocurrency in any of the Exchange’s wallets. If you want to be a holder for long term, its better to use some hard wallet or a paper wallet. This will ensure that you have access to your private keys. In case, there is some issue with the exchange, you will be safe.
How to Buy Bitcoin with My Bank Account in Pakistan?
It’s very simple, you first need to activate your internet banking, then you need to go to some P2P exchange as we have mentioned above. Find a suitable seller. Send him money and get your BTC. Make sure to keep all trade details on the respected website
Can We Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with Bank Transfer and No Verification?
The answer can be Yes or No. Because even if some exclusively P2P website offers you this feature, still you will have to verify your identity in order to trade with peers because majority of people don’t trade with unverified buyers. Also, verification minimizes the risk of possible scams. So, its better to verify your account if you’re serious in buying crypto.
Can I Buy Bitcoin with My Bank's Debit Card or Credit Card in Pakistan?
Yes, for sure. But we prefer P2P because many people have complained that their credit cards doesn’t work with Binance. However, you can still try buying crypto using your credit card on Binance exchange. Make sure you go to the right domain and not on some phising website.
Can We Withdraw Bitcoin in Pakistan?
of course, use any Peer to peer exchange like Paxful and sell your BTC in return of cash to your bank.
What Is the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Account in Pakistan?
We have mentioned 4 ways above, you can use the one that suits your needs.

Must Read: Undoubtedly p2p trading is a very profitable way to buy bitcoin when you don’t have much secure options to buy via direct debit/credit card. But the fact is that, you need to be cautious while buying through P2P. There is a large number of scammers who are lurking on most of the exchanges, doesn’t matter how hard these websites try to keep their services scam-free; scammers will always find a way to cheat you so beware and keep your senses active while buying bitcoin from p2p platforms. Read this guide to Avoid P2P Scams in Pakistan


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