How to Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan with Easypaisa?

In this time of technology, so many things have been digitalized and the same is the case with money transfer methods. Technology has introduced mobile banking that is quite secure and time-saving. One of the well-known sources of online banking is easy paisa. So many people all around Pakistan are using their easy paisa accounts to send and receive money. In this article, we will guide you that how can you buy bitcoin using your easy paisa accounts but it is recommended to read the article thoroughly.

Here are the two step-by-step guides to buy bitcoin using your Easypaisa account.

buy btc with easypaisa

Buy Bitcoin with Easy Paisa using Paxful:

To buy bitcoin using your easy paisa account you require a Paxful account as well but there is no need to worry about making an account on Paxful because it only requires your NIC number and a picture just to verify the user. After making your Paxful account you will be able to buy bitcoin with Easypaisa. Here is the step-by-step pictorial tutorial for that.

easypaisa to btc paxful


Write on the search bar of your browser and then a website page will appear on your screen

  1. At the top left of your screen, you can see Buy written in a blue box. By clicking that box three options will appear before you and you will have to select buy bitcoin
  2. Just beneath the buy button, there is a column with different options. There are three options written in a row bitcoin tether and ethereum from which you will have to select bitcoin
  3. The other option is the Payment method after selecting it a list of payment sources will appear on your screen but you will have to focus on only those payment methods that are popular in Pakistan and you will see easy paisa at the top.
  4. After that you will have to write the amount of which you are interested to buy bitcoin with your easy paisa account, the amount must be in PKR
  5. The next option in the column is location so you have to choose Pakistan because easy paisa works in Pakistan only
  6. There is another blue box in which Find Offers is written, by clicking on that option a list of sellers who are selling bitcoin with easy paisa will appear on the right side of your screen you can see the rate of bitcoin that other sellers are offering.
  7. In the last row by clicking on the buy option before the seller’s I’D a chat screen will appear that will help to communicate with the seller. Share your easy paisa account with your seller and after confirmation from both sides, your bitcoins will be added to your account.

Buy Bitcoins with Easy paisa Using LocalBitcoins:

The same is the case with local bitcoins because having an account on local bitcoins is also mandatory. To make an account you must have either passport or NIC. Once you are done with the process of creating an account and its verification you can buy bitcoins with your easy paisa account.

easypaisa to btc localbitcoin

  1. After opening the website you will see buy bitcoins at the top left of your screen and you have to select that option.
  2. You will see a highlighted block with Quick buy written at the top and so will have to fill the requirements written in a row from which the first one is Amount. Mention whatever the amount for which you want to buy bitcoins e.g 20,000
  3. The next box in the row is for currency and you have to Select PKR because you are using an easy paisa account.
  4. move to the next box and select your country i.e Pakistan
  5. Select easy paisa from the mentioned payment methods
  6. After filling in all the requirements click on the search written at the end of the row
  7. A list of sellers will appear on your screen with the rate of bitcoins. Select any of the sellers and then click to buy and communicate with your seller.
  8. There can be a confusing thing for beginners that in the payment method easy paisa is not mentioned anywhere but no need to worry about that because payments can be made in bank accounts as well using an easy paisa account.
  9. The bitcoin will be released to your account from the system after the payment.






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