How To Buy Bitcoin With JazzCash?

JazzCash is one of the most widely used payment platforms in Pakistan. As you might have seen that there is no direct way to buy bitcoin with JazzCash via the application. However, here is a method by which you can buy bitcoin easily with JazzCash. To continue to the method, we highly recommend you read this article to the end. In the article, we have discussed two ways to buy BTC with Jazz Cash.

how to buy bitcoin with jazzcash using paxful

Buy Bitcoin with Jazzcash using Paxful:

The first and foremost thing you need to do for this is to create an account on Paxful. You need to verify the account with your NIC and selfie to prove your identity. If you don’t know how to create an account on Paxful in Pakistan, then read our step-by-step guide.

Assuming that you already have created an account on Paxful, now let’s move to the tutorial. Go to your account dashboard and follow these steps

how to buy BTC with Jazz cash

  1. Click on the buy button at the top.
  2. From the payment methods, select JazzCash. If you don’t find it instantly, you can type JazzCash in the search.
  3. Enter the amount in PKR of which you want to buy BTC
  4. Select the offer location, i.e. from which country you want to buy? As Jazz Cash is valid in Pakistan only so you need to select Pakistan.
  5. Click on Show offers.
  6. Click on the buy button next to any listing of your choice. Carefully look at the reviews before committing the trade.Buy BTC with Jazz Cash
  7. Click on Buy Now button on this next screen as shown in the image, its also showing you how much extra you are paying this seller in comparison to the original price of BTC at the time of purchase. After clicking buy now, it will open a chat screen
  8. Ask the seller about his Jazz cash number, transfer him the money and mark the transaction as paid from the right-side panel. After the money has been received in the seller’s account, he will also mark it as complete and Paxful will release BTC in your account. You can use them to buy things or save them as an investment. Up to you
  9. Happy Trading


Note: You might have seen that we have highlighted the value of 3.94% with a red rectangle. This 3.94% means that the person is taking 3.94% profit on the whole price of Bitcoin i.e. if BTC‘s price is $1000 he is selling at $1039. So, you need to be careful about who you’re trading with. A rise of 3.94 is normal as these guys have to buy Bitcoins at a higher price so they sell with a minimal profit.

Method 2: Buy Bitcoins With Jazz Cash Using Local Bitcoins:

Method one and this method are pretty the same, you need to create an account on LocalBitcoins. Click on Buy and start buying the BTC according to your choice. Here is the step by step guide

  1. Click on Buy bitcoins on the top and enter the amount on the next dashboard
  2. Enter your preferred currency. Of course, PKR if you’re going through JazzCash
  3. Select the country Pakistan
  4. Select the payment method.
  5. Click on search and find all available options. I was not able to find JazzCash from the available payment methods but still, sellers are selling using JazzCash, you just need to click on all online offers and find the one that has mentioned JazzCash. Another option is that you can send it to their bank account using your Jazz cash, there is no fee for this as well.
  6. Click on buy and their amount of BTC will be locked in the escrow system of localbitcoin, it will be released in your wallet after payment has been successful.

Precautions: Always use the Escrow system and never buy BTC if a buyer /seller says that he will send directly to your wallet without using the escrow of LocalBitcoins or Paxful. This is because many people commit scams using this technique. They give you some incentives and take away your money.
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