How to Buy Bitcoin with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

People all over Pakistan seem to tend toward the purchase of bitcoin and the reason for this is not unknown. The recent price of bitcoin in Pakistan is very high and it is continuously increasing. Everyone is worried about their future and wants to invest in some reliable resource and bitcoin is grabbing the attention of many people all around the world. Bitcoin can be used in many ways like trading, investment, and other long-term uses. While living in Pakistan where bitcoin is still not legalized it is a bit difficult to approach it but a little research and knowledge can make it as easy as eating an apple pie. By Reading this article keenly you will be able to buy bitcoin from an authentic resource using your National Bank Account.

  • Since we are living in the time of technology so most of us are already aware of mobile banking but if you don’t know about it then let us tell you that National Bank Pakistan also offers online banking for their clients and you just need to make sure that your online banking is activated. National Bank of Pakistan has an application that is available in the Google play store or you may download it using the link below

Due to any reason if you can’t get access to their app then you may use the mentioned link of their website

In case of any further information, you may contact the helpline number of NBP

(021) -111-627-627

  • After having your NBP account activated you will go for the purchase of bitcoin using Paxful. The very first thing that you need to do is having an account on Paxful. After completing the process of making an account and its verification you can buy bitcoins by following the guide attached to this link
  • The second dependable way to buy bitcoin is from local bitcoins. The same process is required in this website as well which is making an account and its verification. For the detailed process of buying bitcoin from local bitcoin with your NBP account, we are attaching the link to the guide to assist you
  • The last but not least way to buy bitcoin is Binance. Register your account with Binance and add your credit/debit card to it. If you will follow our mentioned link Binance will give you 5% off on every transaction you will make.





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