How to Buy Bitcoin with United Bank Limited (UBL)

Technology has brought many advancements in the 21st century and cryptocurrency is one among them. The fluctuation in the rates of bitcoin is grabbing the attention of people and people have started the trading of bitcoin as well because undoubtedly it is a safe and reliable way to invest your cash due to its multiple uses. Before 2009 there was almost no concept of bitcoin in Pakistan but now people seem quite interested to invest in this field. To know about some easy ways for buying bitcoin from your UBL Bank account, it is recommended to read this article carefully.

  • In the first place make sure that your online banking is activated on your device. UBL online application can be easily installed from the Google play store or you may also install the application using this link

UBL bank website can also assist you to operate your online account, link is mentioned below

If you have any queries, complaints, or feedback you can call at 24/7 UBL Contact Center

111-825-888 (UAN)

For people in Azad Jammu Kashmir: (021)32446949

  • After having your online account access on your device you will have to make an account on Paxful that is a safe way to buy bitcoin. Make an account by adding your NIC and a selfie, wait for the verification and then you can start buying bitcoin by following the link to our step-by-step guide.
  • Local bitcoins is another website that is not much different from Paxful, both are reliable and safe platforms for buying or selling bitcoin. You will make an account on local bitcoins using your passport or NIC and after the verification of your account, you may start buying bitcoins. For your further guidance, we have attached the link of step by step guide to buying bitcoin from local bitcoins.
  • Then becomes Binance, equally efficient as the former ones. The process of registering your account is almost the same. Once your account is registered and verified you will add your UBL credit/debit card to your account. Moreover, by following the below link you will get 5% cashback on every traction you will do through Binance.









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