How to Buy Bitcoin/Altcoins in Pakistan Using Credit Card

No wonder that bitcoin is the most known type of cryptocurrency in the market because of the high profit rate and the large number of traders worldwide. But while living in Pakistan it is a bit complex to approach the websites due to the payment methods that are mostly not available in Pakistan. In this article, we will be telling you the details that how can you buy bitcoin from Binance while using your credit/debit card. We recommend you to read this article keenly so you don’t face any confusion while buying your bitcoin.

Create an account on Binance

Binance is the most reliable exchange that is available for the trading of btc in Pakistan. Binance is a worldwide platform that has been providing services for many years and people are very satisfied with their services and so do we. Binance doesn’t charge any fee for registration but there is a little amount that you will pay them on every transaction. If you will register yourself using our given link then you can get 5% off on every transaction that you will make from Binance.

Here is a step by step guide to buying btc in Pakistan with a credit card from Binance

  1. After Clicking on the link given above, a page will open before you. At the top right of your pc screen, you can see “register” written in a yellow box.
  2. By clicking on register another page will appear for creating an account on Binance. You can either use your email or mobile number for this.
  3. After providing the given details click on create account written in a rectangular yellow box below the details.
  4. For security verification, they will send a 6 digit code on whatever you will provide them (i.e either your email or mobile number)
  5. You need to enter the provided code and after the verification, you will be having your Binance account in your hand.

Buying Bitcoin from Binance

After having your verified Binance account you can start buying your bitcoin. Binance offers four types of payment methods for the convenience of their users and luckily credit card btc method is also available. Just make sure that you have your online banking activated on your card to avoid this problem later. If you have your account in some international bank then it would be super helpful for you because people often complain that their credit cards don’t work in binance. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy bitcoin from Binance as they have the best alternative that is p2p trading, to avoid all these problems.

By selecting the “buy crypto from p2p marketplace” a page will appear before you where you will select a payment method, type of cryptocurrency, and a few more basic things. Binance will show you a list of people selling their bitcoin, you will see the rates and limit of which you can buy bitcoin and then click on buy BTC to place your order. Before making the payment make sure of the availability of the seller by sending him a text message in the chatbox.

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