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How to buy BTC in Pakistan using Easy Paisa | 4 Methods

In this era of technology, everything has adopted an advanced form and so is currency. Cash is being replaced with digital currency and now we call it cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has several types and the most known one is bitcoin. People around the world are investing in bitcoin including Pakistanis but unfortunately, the authorities haven’t legalized

How to Buy Bitcoin with MCB Bank

The constant fluctuation in the price of bitcoin is grabbing the attention of a large number of people all over the globe because technology has replaced cash with digital money that is more secure and quite beneficent for investment. A massive amount of people in Pakistan are also interested to buy bitcoins but due to

How to Buy BTC In Pakistan With HBL

Bitcoin is gaining much popularity in many countries of the world because of its constantly increasing worth, and Pakistan is one of them. People seem quite interested in buying bitcoins for different purposes like trading or investment for a safe future. Due to the rising awareness among people regarding the usefulness and advantages of digital

How to buy bitcoin In Pakistan with Bank Transfer – All National Banks of PAKISTAN

Nowadays, people in Pakistan are becoming more interested in buying digital currency. Still, unfortunately, due to fewer guidelines and knowledge, it is considered a bit complicated. Yet, the good thing about this article is that we are providing you a step-by-step guide to buying bitcoin from two reliable sources using your national bank account. The