How to Buy Bitcoin with MCB Bank

The constant fluctuation in the price of bitcoin is grabbing the attention of a large number of people all over the globe because technology has replaced cash with digital money that is more secure and quite beneficent for investment. A massive amount of people in Pakistan are also interested to buy bitcoins but due to some restrictions by the authorities, it has become slightly tough to buy bitcoin because we don’t have direct resources to cash our bitcoins. In the recent article, you will get to know about different means that can be very helpful for buying bitcoin with your MCB bank account.

  • The leading step in this aspect is to get your online banking activated. MCB mobile banking application is available in the Google play store you can either find it on your own or you can also follow the link that is being provided below

In case there is some issue with the online application you can use their website for the same purpose. The link is attached below

The above link can also be used if you have any problem or queries about your bank account just click on Contact us after opening the link or you may also call their customer care helpline

1110 00622

  • Assuming your MCB online banking is activated, we will jump on to the next step to continue buying bitcoin. Paxful is a reliable platform to buy bitcoin all you need to have is an account on Paxful that must be verified. For a detailed guide, you may follow this link.
  • Another way that we will recommend you to use is local bitcoins for buying bitcoin. The same process is required that is making an account and its verification. A link with step by step guide is also attached below for your further assistance.
  • Binance also offers its users the same convenience that the above two websites are providing. Just register yourself with Binance, add your debit/credit card, and enjoy 5% cashback on every traction made with your Binance account by following the attached link.









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