4 Methods to buy BTC in Pakistan using JazzCash

Despite the ban on bitcoin by the government of Pakistan, People are still investing more and more in bitcoin and earning a good profit. This article is meant for those who want to invest in bitcoin but are confused regarding the process of buying bitcoin while living in Pakistan so we tried our best to provide you the sufficient information about reliable exchanges with step-by-step guides to approach bitcoin through these exchanges using Jazz cash.


how to buy btc in pakistan on paxful using jazzcash

Paxful is a reasonable exchange with several payment methods. Minimum chance of scam and the constant availability of traders makes it an attraction for those who are looking for a profitable deal to buy bitcoin. Below are the details to help you buying bitcoin from Paxful.

  1. Register yourself with Paxful and verify your account. The registration and verification process on Paxful is free.
  2. After having a verified account you will click on the buy button at the top left of the main age.
  3. Below the blue-colored buy button, you will see several bars in a row, asking for your requirements to find you suitable offers. Select the type of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), payment method (jazz cash), amount of which you want to buy bitcoin, and then select the country i.e Pakistan. After filling all the bars click on find offers.
  4. On the right side of the screen, you will see the offers posted by sellers. Have a look at the provided details in the offers and then click on the buy button before your desired offer. If things will remain fine between you and the seller, your seller will release bitcoin in your wallet.

Binance p2p   

how to buy sell btc on binance using jazz cash

Binance is an international trading platform that has millions of users all over the Globe. Binance offers 4 types of trading but the most convenient one for people living in Pakistan is p2p trading. You can see the details in the brief guide provided below.

  1. Register yourself with binance for free and verify your account. If you will use our link given in the following then you will get 5% cashback on every transaction make with Binance.
  2. Go to your wallet’s dashboard> click on overview> click on funding> then click on buy/sell.
  3. Another page will appear before you and under the black part of that page, you will see many types of crypto among which you will select BTC. Write the desired amount of which you want to buy bitcoin, select PKR in the fiat box, and jazz cash in the bar asking for a payment method.
  4. Binance will show you a list of sellers according to the information that you provided, look at the information in the offers, and then click on buy BTC before the offer that you want to access. Contact the seller via live chat and make sure of his availability before making the payment.

OKEX p2p

how to buy btc in pakistan using jazz cash OKEX

People in Pakistan who want to trade bitcoin always remain in search of a reliable and profitable platform for buying and OKEX is one of the prominent exchanges for the trading of cryptocurrency that lets the users trade on hundreds of digital assets. We have attached a guide below for your convenience so you don’t have to face any issues while buying bitcoin from OKEX.

  1. Like every other exchange, you will have to register yourself with OKEX and once your account is verified you can start buying bitcoin.
  2. Click on P2P trade written on the left side of the main page. Another page will appear before you with a few bars asking for information to make your search accurate to your demands.
  3. The bars will be asking you for the type of cryptocurrency (BTC), the amount in PKR of which you want to buy BTC, and payment method (Jazz cash), fill them accordingly and OKEX will show you a list of sellers
  4. Click on Buy BTC before your desired offer, Make sure of the availability of the seller, pay the amount after your self-satisfaction and have your bitcoins in your wallet.

Local Bitcoin  

Local bitcoin is also a reputed exchange for trading cryptocurrency and it has earned a good name in this field in a short time. The main reason to prefer local bitcoin is the safety for both seller and buyer and easy access to the p2p marketplace. To save you from any inconvenience in the process of buying bitcoin, we have explained the whole process in easy steps.

  1. Make a free account on local bitcoin and verify the account. Once you have a verified local bitcoin account you can easily access bitcoin without any hurdle.
  2. Considering that you have a verified local bitcoin account we are assisting you further. Click on buy bitcoin at the top left of the main page.
  3. Fill the Quick buy box with the required information and make sure to select jazz cash in the payment options. After filling in all the bars click on the search button
  4. Local bitcoin will show you a list of sellers who are selling bitcoin on your terms. Click on buy before any suitable offer, communicate with the seller, pay the due amount and have your bitcoin in your wallet.
Can I Buy Bitcoin with JazzCash??
Of course you can, but you must remember that Jazzcash is not directly involved in crypto/BTC trading. You can use it as a payment method to buy Bitcoin from peers in your country. Examples are the all methods mentioned above
How to Withdraw Bitcoin to JazzCash in Pakistan?
You can use P2P exchanges such as mentioned above. You can also sell to these the buyers in these exchanges.

Must Read: Undoubtedly p2p trading is a very profitable way to buy bitcoin when you don’t have much secure options to buy via direct debit/credit card. But the fact is that, you need to be cautious while buying through P2P. There is a large number of scammers who are lurking on most of the exchanges, doesn’t matter how hard these websites try to keep their services scam-free; scammers will always find a way to cheat you so beware and keep your senses active while buying bitcoin from p2p platforms. Read this guide to Avoid P2P Scams in Pakistan
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