How to Buy BTC In Pakistan With HBL

Bitcoin is gaining much popularity in many countries of the world because of its constantly increasing worth, and Pakistan is one of them. People seem quite interested in buying bitcoins for different purposes like trading or investment for a safe future. Due to the rising awareness among people regarding the usefulness and advantages of digital currency, people invest more and more in this ground. To make the purchase of bitcoin accessible in Pakistan with your HBL account, we will suggest reading this article.

  • As an initial yet mandatory step, you must have your online banking activated on your device. HBL online banking app is easily available on the Google Play store, and here is the link

In case of any inconvenience, here is the link for their website

Or you may call at the given number for further information regarding your account or bank policy


How to Buy Bitcoin with Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

  • The next thing that you will do after having your online bank account in your hand is to make an account on Paxful. To make an account, Paxful requires your NIC and a photograph of you for verification. Once you have done with making account and verification process, you can go on buying bitcoin by following this link.
  • Another way to buy bitcoin is from local bitcoins that are not very different from Paxful. The same steps are required to make an account. You must have a passport or NIC. After the verification of your account, feel free to buy your bitcoins.
  • You can also use P2P on Binance. All you need is a Binance account and you’re set up for that.

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